August 2019 Newsletter

Masthead image for November 2018 Beyond the Finish Line newsletter with baton handoff
Mayor Vinis and Matt Sayre, Technology Association of Oregon, take one of the first Rideshare rides.

One Year of Rideshare

The City of Eugene Business License staff in the Planning and Development Department have been busy ensuring the safety of our community members and visitors while welcoming a new transportation option to Eugene and Springfield. Since the beginning of September 2018, Business Licensing has issued driver certifications to over 1,800 new Transportation Network Drivers (TNC) drivers (UBER/Lyft drivers), bringing the city to almost one full year of service!

Eugene is known for its wonderful transportation options; the city has world-class transit service, excellent walking and biking infrastructure and a great bikeshare system, but until a year ago ridesharing services were not an option in the community. The addition of Rideshare to the cadre of existing transportation options greatly expands the number of Public Passenger drivers, including taxi, shuttle, and pedicab drivers to be ambassadors for visitors in 2021 and beyond. 

“People come to the area to visit from all over the world and expect to be able to have access to the full range of transportation options they enjoy elsewhere, which includes Rideshare like UBER and Lyft, and we are happy to now be able to offer that service along with all our other transportation services,” says Lindsay Selser, PDD Communications Analyst.


Strong Safety Focus

In Eugene-Springfield the Driver Certification process is centered around the safety of community members and visitors. Each Public Passenger Vehicle driver in Eugene-Springfield has an in-person application appointment and must pass a background check run through the Eugene Police Department in addition to the background check performed by UBER or Lyft. These strong safety processes are set up to ensure excellent and safe services for both community members and visitors.

Eugene-Springfield now has 1,800 more options to get a ride now than just a year ago, and by 2021 the cities will likely have over 2,021 drivers offering this service. This is one of many service changes that is catalyzing the community’s readiness for Oregon21. 

View the launch video using this link from Technology Association of Oregon!