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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a data-driven approach to reducing transportation related injuries and saving lives.  This approach will educate the community on local traffic safety issues and enable the City of Eugene to prioritize resources based on evidence of the greatest need and impact.  Vision Zero holds the goal of working towards the only acceptable number of traffic deaths and serious injuries = Zero.

Working Towards Zero Traffic Deaths

In November 2015, the Eugene City Council adopted a Vision Zero Resolution that set as official policy the vision zero goal that no loss of life or serious injury on Eugene’s transportation system is acceptable. Between September 2016 and September 2017, the Eugene Vision Zero Task Force developed an Action Plan. In March 2019, Administrative Order No. 58-18-04 was signed into effect by the City Manager, formally adopting the Vision Zero Action Plan.

How are we doing?

The Eugene Vision Zero Report (2016-2018) and Eugene Vision Zero Report (2019-2020) illustrate actions that have been taken based on the approved Action Plan. The reports highlight priority areas and actions that will be taken.

Where are crashes occurring?

The Vision Zero Action Plan identifies Eugene’s most dangerous streets and intersections. The High Crash Network is a compilation of the top 15 most dangerous streets for each travel mode. 

The Vision Zero Action Plan also includes a breakdown of this data by mode, and identifies:

Fatal and serious injury crashes for people walking, biking, and driving were mapped individually to assess which streets were most dangerous. 

How can I report safety concerns?

Use this online tool to identify and report transportation hazards and dangerous traffic behaviors that could lead to fatalities or life changing injuries on our streets. The information you report will be used by the City’s Transportation and Public Works staff to assist in identifying patterns, problems and prioritizing work.

Vision Zero Reporting Tool

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