Recycling and Solid Waste

Recycling and Solid Waste Programs in Eugene

The City of Eugene sets rates and standards for garbage, yard debris and recycling collection service inside the City limits. In addition, food scrap collection is offered for commercial customers. Click on the tabs below to access the information you need:
  1. Recycle & Compost in the Community
  2. Recycle & Compost at Home
  3. Recycle & Compost at Work
  4. Rules Rates & Regulations
Supporting a livable and prosperous community is our core emphasis in developing educational and community partnerships. We promote and enhance local outreach efforts that advance conservation as an essential community value. Key elements focus on youth development and community livability.

Fix-it Fairs: Community Repair Events 


The City of Eugene launched a series of "Fix-It Fairs," beginning on July 16th. The community is invited to come in and get their items repaired for free! 

Volunteers and professionals will provide repairs and attendees will have opportunities to repair their items with coaching or get them repaired by the volunteer or professional. 

Learn more about the Fix-It Fairs by clicking here!