Renters Protections Committee

The role of the Renters Protections Committee is to identify priority tools and strategies to protect renters and prevent displacement in areas with changing housing market conditions in Eugene.

Current Committee Members

  • Norton Cabell (Chair)
  • Julia Boss
  • Jason Evans
  • Rick Guerra
  • Alicia Jones
  • Jackie Low
  • Nigel Moseby
  • Jim Straub
  • Darren Stone
  • John VanLandingham

Meeting information

The April 8, 2020, Renters Protections Committee meeting was cancelled. Information about future meetings will be posted when it becomes available. 

2019:  September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11  

2020:  January 8, February 12, March 11   

2021: January 27,

Committee meeting materials may be found in the following folder:  Meeting Materials