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The Distance Between Us

Sponsored by Earthbound Moon

April 14-20, 2019

Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues

What if you lived in an artwork? What if we walked along a city street the way we walk through a museum? Can we see our surroundings as cultural treasures? The Distance Between Us is an artwork exploring these questions and many more.

For one week, Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues will be turned into an artwork, The Distance Between Us. Fifteen businesses along this block are collaborating with fifteen artists. Each business/artist pair will create a limited edition work of art that doubles as a product of the business. The artworks are available through sales and engagement.

Throughout the exhibition, events will take place, including guided docent tours during the day; and discussions, live music and a pub quiz in the evenings.


Ravens and artist Sterling Israel

Creating "Four Corners of Our World," a set of prints exploring the science and mythology of ravens.

London Hair Studio and Spa and artist Courtney Stubbert

Creating "Let’s Compromise," a gel nail design available by appointment.

City of Eugene Parking Services and artist Bret Pendlebury

Creating "Thank You Ticket," featuring a portrait of the Parcade garage located at 7th and Willamette.

Manifest Beer Company and artist Sunny Selby Johnston

Creating "Still Moving Life," a single keg of beer and portrait fragment coasters.

Doc’s Pad and artist Joshua Isaac Finch

Creating a mixed drink, "Dive & Hasten"

Spence & Sabitt, LLP and artist Libby Wadsworth

Creating "...Some Words," a set of printing plates visitors may use to make their own rubbings of legal language explorations.

Urban Therapeutic and artist Lisa Sansevere

Creating a "Stained Glass Garden," a scented sand or salt desk garden.

City of Eugene Facilities Management and artists Helen Liu and Elnaz Talaei

Creating "Growth," attempted collaborations responding to the landscape elements along the block.

Park Street Cafe’ and artist Charly Swing

Creating "The Smeede," a sandwich.

Perugino Coffeehouse and artist Mika Aono

Creating "Ichigo-Ichie, -Stumbling Upon," a tea drink engaged with a transformation of the coffeehouse space.

Gary Dawson Design and artist Tallmadge Doyle

Creating "Octopus Embrace," a pendant available for sale at Urban Therapeutic.

AHM Brands and artist Ugo Akabike

Creating a logo for The Distance Between Us exhibition branding.

Sushi-Ya and artist Randolph Carter

Creating "Into the Deep," a sushi roll.

Earthbound Moon and artists Mei-ling Lee & Jeff Goolsby

Creating "Alte Innenstadt Vido Stroll," an audio/video engagement with the street and the projects along it this week.