Riverfront Redevelopment Tree Removal


The information below is meant to provide additional information about trees posted for removal on the Downtown Riverfront redevelopment property.

On February 20, 2019, contractors will remove 91 trees from the interior of the Riverfront redevelopment property, between the viaduct and High Street, in accordance with the approved concept plan.

Tree removal is taken seriously by the urban forestry team with careful consideration given to the environmental, social and economic needs of the area. 

City arborists have thoroughly evaluated the conditions of the site and trees. The trees designated for removal are surrounded by asphalt, an impervious surface, and not of historic or specimen significance; they do not merit extraordinary measures for preservation.

The redevelopment concepts include plans for planting street and landscaping trees in areas with conditions that will foster healthy growth and mature trees. These trees will be planted in conjunction with additional green infrastructure to support the surrounding habitat.

Tree removal is a small part of the work of the City of Eugene’s Parks and Open Space Division’s urban forestry team. Their work is focused on caring for more than 76,000 of Eugene's street trees, planting new public trees and helping community members plant trees in their yards in partnership with the local nonprofit Friends of Trees, and ensuring a healthy urban forest into the future.

If you would like more information or to speak with the urban forestry team, please contact us at 541-682-4800.

diagram showing trees to be removed from the redevelopment site