Avalon Traffic Calming Project

In response to community concerns about traffic safety and speeding motor vehicles, the City of Eugene will install traffic calming speed cushions on Avalon Street between Legacy Street and just east of Colton Way this summer.  Speed cushions are traffic calming devices that are grooved to allow passage of emergency vehicles and buses but slow speeding motor vehicles.

A series of six traffic calming speed cushions will be placed on Avalon Street with this project.  The construction timeline is expected to be from late June/July to September 2019.  The map below indicates the approximate location of the speed cushions.

Avalon Street Traffic Calming REVISED 350 ft spacing for display map

Speed cushion on 24th Avenue in Eugene

24th Avenue Speed Cushion

For additional information about Speed Cushions visit NACTO Urban Design Guide web page.

NACTO Speed Cushion graphic

A separate project to install a marked crosswalk across Avalon Street at Haviture Way will happen this spring when weather permits.

For more information about the traffic calming or crosswalk project, contact Lee Shoemaker, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, at 541-682-5471 or lshoemaker@eugene-or.gov.

For project construction information, contact Eben Babb at 541-682-5222 or ebabb@eugene-or.gov.