2018 Bond and Levy

Thank you, community members, for voicing your strong support for the future of Eugene Parks and Rec.

Parks staff has begun working on everything from strengthening safety and security efforts and increasing park maintenance, to planning park renovations and the creation of new parks in underserved areas. Recreation is moving forward with big renovations and expansions of their own.
These are just the first steps in a much larger 30 year System Plan that was created based on feedback you’ve given us over the last three years. 

Over the coming months and years, we will be asking for your thoughts once again on specific projects as we start to dig in. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your vote of support!

Information about the 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond Measure 20-289 and Operating Levy 20-288

FY2019 Eugene Parks & Recreation Bond and Levy Report

Download the FY2019 Bond and Levy Report PDF


Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy Advisory Board, January 26, 2021

Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy Advisory Board, November 17, 2020

City Council Work Session, June 17, 2020

Bond and levy projects are sprinting ahead
From plan to reality
Upgrading the system

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