2018 Bond and 2023 Levy

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Thank you, community members, for voicing your strong support for the future of Eugene Parks and Rec.

Thank you to community members for passing the 2023 Eugene Parks and Rec Operations and Maintenance Levy 20-343.

This decision builds on the benefits provided by the voter-approved levy of 2018, which keeps parks safer, cleaner and greener through ongoing efforts of the park safety team, developed park maintenance and trails and natural areas maintenance. More frequent servicing of parks, enhanced trail and natural area maintenance and an increased security presence in parks are the hallmarks of this operating levy.

This approved levy renewal maintains the core services provided under the 2018 levy and an increase in funding for recreation fitness and wellness programming, park safety measures and cleanup response for park rule violations.

Information about the 2023 Parks and Recreation Operating Levy 20-343

Information about the 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond Measure 20-289 and Operating Levy 20-288

Annual Eugene Parks & Recreation Bond and Levy Reports

Fiscal Year 2022 Bond and Levy Report (PDF)

From the Bond and Levy Citizen Advisory Board:

“Based on the Board’s review of materials presented, we unanimously conclude that the bond and levy funds have been used for the authorized purposes and in compliance with the Ballot Measures 20-288 and 20-289 and Council Resolutions 5220 and 5221. Furthermore, we commend the Parks and Recreation Divisions for showing resiliency and exhibiting creative and adaptive management techniques in an increasingly complex and dynamic work environment. This dedication, when combined with the financial resources of the Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy, has well served the residents of Eugene."

Previous Reports:


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