January 2019 Newsletter

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Eugene Forges Path for Responsible Sport

Eugene has hosted the Olympic Track and Field Trials seven times, most recently in 2008, 2012, and 2016. 

Every time the City has hosted the Trials, we’ve developed new partnerships that build upon existing relationships to continually evolve and grow in ways that support our community responsibly while showcasing Eugene’s best practices. 

Eugene is a Global Leader

From tracking travel emissions related to the event, to highlighting local services and initiatives that support people and the planet, to providing fun, accessible, free activities for all, Eugene is a global leader on responsible sport and regularly provides assistance to event organizers on how to make larger impacts using a triple bottom line approach (considering equity, environment, and economy). 

After providing sustainable operational assistance to the Trials three times and being awarded the International Olympic Committee’s Award for Sport and the Environment in 2008, the City received a grant from the Global Philanthropy Partnership and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network to craft a Responsible Event Framework to help event stakeholders across North America understand, adopt, and achieve sustainability objectives. By providing real-world best practices and up-to-date resources, the Framework lays out practical recommendations and concrete responsible event examples from cities, businesses, and partner organizations.

“Most events want to be the best partners they can for the cities that host them,” says Intergovernmental Relations Manager Ethan Nelson. “Eugene has been leading this effort for a long time and it only made sense to share our best practices with other communities. The resulting achievements of this program are reasonable, sound guidelines that ensure future events across the nation act as good stewards of resources, encourage inclusion of under-served communities, and deliver a sustainable economic boost for the local economy.”

As we move ever closer to 2021, we will continue our legacy of looking at sport from every angle to create an event that promotes sustainability, equity, and financial success in our community. 

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