National Dance Week

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National Dance Week

April 19-28, 2024

FREE! All ages and abilities welcome.

We are pleased to announce the return of National Dance Week, Oregon's only citywide dance celebration. All ages are invited to participate by enjoying free performances, by learning new moves in a dance workshop or by offering a dance class to the community. With a mix of in-person and online content covering a wide range of dance styles, we have something to satisfy all interests and abilities.

Would you like to teach or host a dance workshop during National Dance Week? Starting in February, we will begin collecting workshop submissions to be included in the official 2024 National Dance Week Guide.

History: National Dance Week was formed in 1981 when a group of dance-related organizations began a strong grassroots movement to bring greater recognition to dance in the United States. Celebrations now occur throughout the nation. We believe in the transformative power of dance and its role as an artistic expression to bring us together for moments of unity and provide opportunities to share and honor each other.

Contact Us

  1. Community & Cultural Affairs Senior Manager

    Colette Ramirez

    Ph: 541-682-6347