Wastewater SDC

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Wastewater System Development Charges (WSDC)

WSDC is a funding source for costs to expand capacity for growth, such as expanding collection system pipelines, increasing treatment capacity and increasing the level of performance for wastewater facilities. 

The WSDC management is a partnership between the City of Eugene and Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC). The city manages the local portion of the WSDC and MWMC facilitates the regional portion. 

To contact MWMC, please visit their website MWMC 

WSDC Methodology 

The WSDC methodology is based on a combined reimbursement and improvement structure. The reimbursement fee is based on the value of available capacity in the system to serve growth and the improvement fee is based on future facility costs associated with providing growth's additional capacity needs (above what is already available).

- The complete Local WSDC details and methodologies are found here

- The complete Regional WSDC details and methodologies are found here