Stormwater SDC

Stormwater SDC

Stormwater System Development Charges (SSDC) 

SSDCs cover the cost for new development to expand the City of Eugene's stormwater infrastructure, such as, installing rain gardens and improving water flow capacity of creeks and other water courses throughout the community.  

SSDC Methodology 

The SSDC is comprised of an improvement fee and a reimbursement fee, as new development will require the construction of additional system capacity as well as the use of available capacity in the existing system. The per unit cost of additional capacity for the improvement fee is based on the value of the system-wide capacity of the future capacity-enhancing projects divided by the total projected impervious surface area that will be added by new development at build-out in the Urban Growth Boundary.

The complete Stormwater Development Charge Methodology and details can be found here

Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan 

The city's stormwater capital program reflects the goals of the Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan and the city's compliance with federal clean water regulations. 

SSDCs improvement dollars are used for capacity enhancement projects that expand existing facilities and enhance water quality and natural resources. The funds are also used to create new capital projects which result in construction of a new facility or system. 

The city's Capital Improvement plan forecasts the city's capital needs over a six-year period.

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