Parks SDC

Amazon Park Playground Installation

Parks System Development Charge (PSDC) 

PSDCs cover a portion of the costs to develop new parks and expand capacity for existing park facilities that are needed for the City of Eugene's growing community. 

PSDC Methodology 

The PSDCs consist of an improvement and reimbursement fee, and is charged to residential and nonresidential development. The estimated cost of capacity from future capacity-enhancing projects to serve new development, as contained in the Park and Recreation and Open Space Project and Priority Plan, and estimating capacity in the existing parks system to be used by new development form the basis for determining the PSDC. All parks and facilities types in the parks system are considered in the basis for the charge. 

The PSDC methodology includes the following steps:

  • Determine the growth capacity needs 
  • Determine the PSDC cost basis 
  • Determine the system-wide unit costs 
  • Develop the PSDC rate

The complete Parks System Charge methodology and details can be found here