River Road Corridor Study

Project Overview

The River Road Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan is charting a vision for the future of the two neighborhoods. A key goal of the Plan is to improve River Road, the major street that runs from Santa Clara, through River Road, and connects the neighborhoods to central Eugene. As one of the major transportation routes in the Eugene area, River Road is important to neighborhood residents, the Eugene-Springfield community, and regional travelers. In addition it was identified as a key corridor through Envision Eugene, the community’s long-range vision.

The Neighborhood Plan draft vision includes “thriving, vibrant and active mixed neighborhood centers along the River Road corridor” and “a transportation system that is safe, accessible, affordable, environmentally responsible and transitions to zero carbon.”

As a next step to implement the vision, the Corridor Study integrates how people get around, where they shop and live, what they do, and how the corridor looks and feels. The Study will help implement the community vision by developing physical plans, economic models, and ways to improve transit connections to better serve people in the area. Community members, the City of Eugene and Lane Transit District are exploring ideas through design workshops, financial studies, and transit evaluations to prioritize investment and produce an updated land use code.

Engagement Opportunities

Workshop #2, June 2019

At the second open house for the River Road Corridor Study participants learned about Corridor concepts and land use and zoning options. The design team and community members discussed implementation strategies and land use policy that will guide the type of growth that can happen and where. As they reviewed the work of the design team, community members responded to the following questions:

  • How well do the example development and land use types fit with your vision and goals for the River Road Corridor area?
  • Are there specific locations along the Corridor and/or in the Neighborhood Centers where you think different development types are most appropriate?
  • How well do the proposed development standards achieve your desired neighborhood character?

Workshop #1, February 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Corridor Workshop February 11-13th! This was an intense three-day event where our design team worked throughout the day and held a public open house each evening to collect feedback. SERA Architecture led the events, testing design concepts with residents, businesses, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Community Advisory Committee. You can read the full workshop report to see what was discussed and produced.

Project Study Area

River Road Corridor Study Area


Corridor Physical and Economic Assessment (February 2019) 

The team will study land use, transportation, economic, housing, and natural resource conditions along the corridor to identify opportunities for compatible development and investment in public resources and amenities. 

Corridor Workshop #1: Concept Creation (February 2019) 

Community members will be invited to join in a workshop to create a range of concepts, exploring land uses, densities, connectivity, transit service, access to open space, and other factors. These concepts will explore different methods of supporting the policies that come out of the Neighborhood Plan. The project team will then evaluate concepts against three major qualities:

  • Livability - Neighborhood compatibility and a range of housing, business, and recreation opportunities for everyone.
  • Economics - Financial feasibility and how public investments can have the greatest impact.
  • Ridership - Transit service options to existing and new destinations and how that impacts ridership.

Corridor Workshop #2: Concept Implementation (June 2019)

Community members will again be invited to participate to help refine a preferred concept and develop the implementation strategies to make it a reality.

Neighborhood Plan and Corridor Study Implementation (2020) 

The project team will work with decision-makers to refine the preferred concept, prioritize investment, identify development opportunities, and update the land use code around the corridor and potential corridor centers.

Corridor Study Timeline

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