Toxics Board


The Toxics Board makes policy governing the Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program, which is a public information program on the use and disposition of federally listed hazardous substances by certain manufacturers within Eugene city limits.  

Meeting Frequency

The Toxics Board meeting schedule varies.  


There are seven members on the Toxics Board: three members who are employed by or are agents of businesses required to report under the law; three who have a proven record of environmental advocacy; and one member who must be nominated by at least four of the other six members.

Term Length

Each member serves for three years, and may serve only two three-year terms. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.


Eugene City Charter, Section 54. Amendment IV, adopted by the voters of Eugene in November 1996. 


The City Council appoints the three members representing businesses and the three advocates. The seventh and neutral position is nominated by the six other members of the Toxics Board; the City Council then appoints the seventh member from the nomination submitted by the other six members.