July 2018 Newsletter

July 2018 Beyond the Finish Line e-newsletter

A message from Sarah Medary, our City Executive leading 2021 efforts:

Hello, everyone! 

Public Works Manager Sarah Medary tries to high five City Manager Jon Ruiz“A few weeks ago, I announced I was going to give 2,021 high fives before 2021. I honestly have no idea how long it will take…it could be a month. There are a couple of reasons why I spontaneously decided this was a great idea and started walking around with my hand in the air. 

First, I want to inspire you to engage with 2021 in whatever form makes sense to you. You’re already hearing about some really amazing projects, like the 20x21 EUG mural project. And, you’re going to keep hearing about more visionary ways our City organization is working to #InspireTheWorld. Not every effort has to be printed in the Register Guard to make an impact on you or your teams. I’m going to give out 2,021 more high fives than I would have had I not been inspired to just pick something. I have more high fives to give than the City has employees, which means a lot of gratitude is spreading around. What about 2,021 cannonballs at the pool? The possibilities are endless.

More importantly, giving a high five, fist bump or other light touch is proven to reduce stress and is associated with high performing teams. Players and teams that physically connect tend to be the teams that are performing at a higher level. Read more about this research or watch a two-minute video with the researcher. One of the facts that impacted me was learning that ‘a sympathetic touch from a doctor leaves people with the impression that the visit lasted twice as long…’ It’s a great reminder that the small things really matter. Together, we can make each other’s lives better, and have some fun along the way. I still have 1,991 to go.’”

What inspires you to engage with 2021? Reach out with an idea, to chat about a potential project, or to brainstorm a new way to collaborate. We can do great things together!