Looking for an Affordable Home?

While the City of Eugene does not own, operate, build, or manage housing, we collaborate with non-profit and other affordable housing providers. Below is information for affordable housing and affordable housing providers in the area.

What is “Affordable” Housing?

Across the United States, housing costs are considered “affordable” if the monthly rent or mortgage, plus utilities, add up to no more than one-third (or 30%) of gross household earnings.

What is Area Median Income (AMI)?

Area Median Income, commonly referred to as “AMI,” is a federal calculation based on census data from every geographic area. The number matters a great deal when looking at affordable housing in Eugene – an area with a current AMI of $45,500 for a one-person household, or $64,900 for a four-person household.

Households earning less than that are very likely to be adversely affected by housing costs. Below is the 2019 AMI chart for the Eugene-Springfield area, by household size. Consider that many people who work, including full-time work, earn less than 100% AMI. This is why Eugene is concerned about income levels, housing affordability, and creating more units for people under 80% AMI.

2019 Eugene/Springfield HUD Income Based on Household Size (CDBG programs)

(Effective June 24, 2019)

% AMI1 Person2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons5 Persons6 Persons

Affordable Housing Providers

Cornerstone Community Housing

Habitat for Humanity

Homes for Good Housing Agency

Mainstream Housing

Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO)


Sponsors, Inc

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County

Need additional help finding services?

Contact the United Way of Lane County

2-1-1info can assist with finding local community resources

Other Community Resources

ABCs of Home Buying, NEDCO
City of Eugene Business and Economic Development
Homes for Good Housing Agency

Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO)

Oregon Bankers Association - Independent Community Banks of Oregon

Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS)

USDA Rural Development Housing Repair and Rehabilitation