Human Service Programs and Homelessness Support

Human Service Programs – Operations Support

Eugene collaborates with Lane County to fund human service providers. This collaborative funding model uses available federal, state and local funds to efficiently support local agencies. The Human Services Commission is the intergovernmental body that guides the use of funds and oversees the actives of agencies receiving the funds.  The supported agencies include: Womenspace, First Place Family Shelter, Food for Lane County Distribution, Food for Lane County Dining Room, Relief Nursery, Catholic Community Services, and Lindholm Service Station. 

Human Service Programs - Capital Facility Improvements

Eugene also provides capital grants for public facilities operated primarily by nonprofit service providers. By doing so, the priority needs of the homeless and special needs population, including seniors, ex-offenders, people with HIV/AIDS, survivors of domestic violence, people with drug and alcohol addictions, people who are evicted or foreclosed, people with physical and mental disabilities, veterans, youth and college students, and youth aging out of foster care. 

Homelessness Support

In addition to adding housing for homeless persons, funding social service program, and providing grants to support nonprofit service providers, Eugene collaborates with regional agencies to help combat the challenge. Learn more about additional City efforts to address homelessness

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