Housing and Human Service Plans

  1. Fair Housing Plan
  2. Consolidated Plan
  3. Annual Action Plan
  4. Annual Performance Evaluation (CAPER)

Fair Housing Plan

Each year, Eugene and Springfield receive funds from the U.S. Department 

of HousingPages from Fair Housing Plan - Cover Page Opens in new window and Urban Development (HUD). As recipients of these funds, Eugene and Springfield certify that they will “affirmatively further fair housing." Eugene and Springfield strive to assure that persons of a protected class have a choice in the location of their housing.


In order to uphold its commitment to affirmatively further fair housing and meet its federal obligation to engage in fair housing planning, Eugene and Springfield have jointly produced a document which examines laws, demographics related to population, housing and housing choice called the Fair Housing Plan

The City has started the process for updating its Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing. This process involves comprehensive data collection, consultations with public and private agencies, and extensive community engagement. More information is available about the Analysis of Impediments and the 2020 Consolidated Plan process.

The City of Eugene plans a number of Fair Housing activities throughout the year.