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Coinciding with National Preparedness Month, our September #BeWell focus is community wellbeing. What better way to improve our community’s wellbeing than for each of us to take steps to get ourselves a little bit more prepared for an emergency? This month there will be many opportunities for you to do that.

For some people emergency preparedness is a bit of a hobby. (Admittedly, I’m an emergency preparedness hobbyist. Hardhat under my bed? Absolutely!) But for many, all of the lists and information on the steps to take to prepare for an emergency can be overwhelming. Whatever camp you may fall into, this month we encourage you to take your next (or first) step to prepare for an emergency and, in turn, further community wellness.

If you’ve already embarked on the emergency preparedness journey, there are a number of events for you, including the chance to share your knowledge with other community members during a tabletop earthquake scenario. Want to broaden your emergency preparedness knowledge? You can attend the Emergency Preparedness Fair to learn about preparedness at home and at work.

If you loath the thought of figuring out how to start preparing, I have two words for you – Go Bag. A Go Bag is just as it sounds – an emergency preparedness bag that you can grab on the go. Having a prepared, accessible Go Bag can be crucial when disaster strikes - like when a tree crashed through City employee Emily Jerome’s house during the 2016 ice storm. Watch Emily talk about that cold night in 2016 and how she used her Go Bag.

A Go Bag can have a variety of different items, but there are roughly 11 essential items your Go Bag should contain. Want to start putting together a great Go Bag? We can help with that!

You can buy many of the 11 essential items this month through the City – check out the available items here and place your order using this order form.


You can accumulate your 11 items over time. Sign up here to receive a monthly email from me for the next 11 months where I will encourage you to get one specific item each month. Follow my emails and by this time next year you will be Go Bag ready. To start things off, this month I’m encouraging you get the backpack or bag that you will be filling with your 11 Go Bag essentials.

Together as a community we can be prepared, we can be resilient, we can be well.

Let’s Go….Bag!

Kathryn Brotherton

Eugene City Attorney

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33 Ways to Be SocialColleagues,

Welcome to the 2nd month of #BeWell.  I took it so seriously that I was on the Green River with a fly rod when it started. It’s good to be back in EUG as August is such a great month to be home in the Willamette Valley.

You might remember that research from Gallup identified five areas that make up our overall wellbeing: social, career, physical, financial and community.  The August focus of #BeWell is on our social wellbeing which is all about having strong relationships and love in your life.  A few quick research facts that really inspired my desire to lead this month’s effort:

  • People with strong social ties are 50% LESS likely to catch a cold or die from cardiovascular disease.
  • People in strained relationships take TWICE as long to heal wounds.
  • Friends that live closer to you have a bigger impact on your wellbeing than those across the country, which means friends in your office space might have an even BIGGER impact than your best friend from college that’s four hours away.
  • People with “best friends” at work are 7 times more engaged, are less likely to get hurt, have better wellbeing and provide better customer service and engagement. 

The list goes on and on about the benefits of positive relationships.  I think we’re lucky at the City of Eugene as almost every person I talk to says the best part of their jobs are the people they work with.  So, we’re going to give you a chance to spend some time with the people you work with in a little more playful, but exceedingly educational and healthy way with a bit of a competition.  Think Adventure Race meets Scavenger Hunt and says “Hey, want to hang out?”

Before you click the link and run out the door with your team and camera, I was reminded yesterday that August is National Win With Civility Month.  Think less trash talking and more…maybe recycle talking? I had to google it to believe it and came across a GREAT article on ways to embrace civility at work.  If we all improved even a tiny bit on each of the top ten, our relationships would strengthen a lot. Speaking of tiny, did I mention I’m serving up a tiny bbq to the winning team?

The challenge as well as the rules are just one click away.  Have fun, connect with old friends and colleagues, meet new friends and colleagues, be safe and enjoy 33 Ways to be Social.  I just might see you “where agrarians gather and ladybugs fly….” Special thanks to the Risk Services Claims Team for their creativity in designing this activity.  Everything is on One Drive and should be accessible from your mobile or desktop device 24/7.

Be Well…and win…but nicely,