Housing Tools and Strategies

Housing affordability and availability is a long-standing and growing problem in Eugene. There is a need for a comprehensive, coordinated approach that considers the spectrum of tools and strategies available to the City to promote more housing affordability, availability, and diversity.

At the May 30, 2018 Work Session, Eugene City Council passed a motion to have staff implement a process to identify barriers to housing affordability, availability, and diversity, and to suggest, evaluate, and recommend possible strategies and tools to address the barriers. The project recommendations were presented to Council in December.

Below are links to the Council presentations in December-

Meeting materials and the webcast for the December 10, 2018 Work Session 

Meeting materials and the webcast for the December 12, 2018 Work Session 

Certain recommendations, identified as administrative actions, were identified by Council as priorities to move forward due to their short-term, staff-level complexity of implementation. These actions are currently being researched. Council requested that staff return for a Work Session in spring 2019 to deliver a list of longer-term, higher complexity list of recommendations to begin implementing. 

A Council Work Session has been scheduled for March 13, 2019 in Harris Hall, 125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene.

Project Overview

The City is contracting with a consultant to facilitate a Housing Tools and Strategies Working Group. There will be four meetings to hold focused conversations with the Working Group about barriers to housing and identify tools and strategies. The City is also contracting with an economist to evaluate existing and potential tools and strategies to further inform City decision-making. At the end of the four meetings the Working Group will make recommendations to City Council on options to improve housing affordability, availability and diversity in Eugene. For more information, please see the project charter.

Updated Materials

At the December 10, 2018 Work Session, Council was presented with a draft summary report from Strategic Economics evaluating tools and strategies available to meet the goals of increase housing diversity, affordability, and availability. The Strategic Economics Summary Report can be accessed at this link.

The final version of the Strategic Economics Housing Tools & Strategies Evaluation report is now available for viewing.

Community Involvement and Feedback Options:

  • Email - HousingTools@eugene-or.gov is the project email available to send in questions and/or give feedback. This email goes to an inbox monitored by staff, not directly to Working Group members. ONLY emails sent to the Housing Tools email will be included with certainty so please make sure to use this email.
  1. Meeting 4 - 11/28/2018
  2. Meeting 3 - 11/14/2018
  3. Meeting 2 - 10/04/2018
  4. Meeting 1 - 09/12/2018

Past Meeting Materials:

Working Group Meeting 4: November 28, 2018

The Housing Tools and Strategies working group met for the fourth and last time on November 28, 2018. Mayor Lucy Vinis and City Manager Jon Ruiz welcomed the group members and then stayed to observe the meeting. At this final meeting, the working group deliberated and voted on which options to move forward in a final recommendation to City Council at a work session scheduled for December 10th at 5:30PM.

Before the working group began its deliberations,  they worked to deepen their understanding of the Strategy 4 options not discussed at the previous meeting and took a straw poll on these options as to know which of these to move into voting.

The group then moved into deliberations and voting on the options.  As there are over 60 options and limited time to deliberate and vote, the options that received the most support in the straw poll on November 14th were prioritized for deliberation and voting. The voting results are available below. Options that did not receive a final vote are indicated in the document and ranked based on the straw poll results from November 14th.

The online survey for community feedback closed on December 2nd. Feedback will be summarized by the facilitator, shared with City council and made available online. The full text of all feedback will be retained and included in the final packet of materials for City Council. Staff will present at a work session for City Council at 5:30 pm on December 10th.

Community and Participant Feedback

Meeting Materials

Working Group :

  1. Meetings
  2. Participants
  3. Participant Percentage by Ward

The working group meetings were open to the public and anyone who was interested was welcome to attend and listen. Materials and a summary of the discussion have been posted to this site. Community feedback and questions regarding the working group meetings may be provided through the housing tools and strategies contact email- HousingTools@eugene-or.gov. 

Other Meetings:

Eugene City Council: March 13, 2019

Past Meeting Materials:

Additional Information:

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