Playable Public Art

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Four outdoor playable pianos are throughout downtown for anyone to play and for all to enjoy. The pianos also serve as temporary works of public art, painted and collaged by talented local artists to bring more color to downtown’s core. While the pianos are primarily for participation from passersby, we have professional pianists playing the pianos throughout the summer.

This years pianos are being installed June 24. The piano at the Library is a new installation and Peter Goldlust and Melanie Germond will begin its transformation on June 30.

Piano locations:


Ty Connors at Downtown Library

Saturday, July 20 • 12 p.m.

Matthew Pavilanis at West Park Block

Monday, July 22 • 11 a.m.

Matthew Pavilanis at Downtown Library

Saturday, July 27 • 12 p.m.

Matthew Pavilanis at Downtown Library

Saturday, August 10 • 11 a.m.

Ty Connors at West Park Block

Wednesday, August 14 • 12 p.m.

Ty Connors at Downtown Library

Saturday, August 17 • 12 p.m.

Zaira Castillo-Ramos at West Park Block

Wednesday, August 21 • 3 p.m.

Piano Details

  1. West Park Block
  2. MECCA
  3. 8th & Pearl
  4. Downtown Library

Valentina Gonzalez"Play More" by artist Valentina Gonzalez

The concept was a collaborative process with teens from the City of Eugene's Cultural Services summer internship Program. Speaking to the importance of creating communities where the youth are encouraged to be engaged as equal contributors in shaping their society. Using the imagery of waves to symbolize the emotional instability of adolescence, amid images of people and places important to them downtown. Googly eyes on the right leg, the only leg for it to stand on, representing the need for visibility as a means of support rather than of surveillance and exploitation. 

About the Artist

Valentina Gonzalez is an artist and musician who lives in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Originally from Santa Fe, NM, also known as VRGNZ; she combines a background in urban art with her experience as a graphic artist to create dynamic, personal paintings. She is committed to supporting community activities and has worked with an array of youth and social service programs. Using mostly spray paint and marker, bright colors, and bold patterns and layers, she chooses to produce artwork that challenges social normatives and empowers others to share their stories through creative visual expression.

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