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Four outdoor playable pianos are throughout downtown for anyone to play and for all to enjoy. The pianos also serve as temporary works of public art, painted and collaged by talented local artists to bring more color to downtown’s core. While the pianos are primarily for participation from passersby, we have two pianists Ty Connor and Wes Georgiev playing the pianos throughout the summer.

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Piano Details

  1. Mija Andrade
  2. David Placencia
  3. Valentina Gonzalez

The artist Mija Andrade"1982 Pop Culture" by artist Mija Andrade

“I was beyond thrilled when Cultural Services invited me to be part of this project, giving me an upright piano to use as a canvas for my eclectic, mixed-media art. The 1982 theme is intended to honor the Hult Center’s 35th anniversary. I have a great affinity for the ’90s as I was a teenager during that decade. It was a very influential time for me, especially the music, fashion and artwork of the era. I enjoy layering designs, colors and imagery in my mixed-media collage work and chose images of iconic musicians and albums of the ’90s to layer over colorful painted patterns and sheet music. I also needed to incorporate the words “Please Play Me,” which I chose to do so by replicating variations of artwork by Keith Haring, one of my favorite artists who gained notoriety in the ’80s. I am so very honored to have had this opportunity and am grateful I was able to share some of my love of ’80s music and art through this project.”

About the Artist

Mija grew up in California but has lived and worked in Eugene since 1995. Mija worked for many years in graphic arts and studied in the UC Santa Cruz graphic design and production program. She became involved with the Lane County non-prot organization MECCA in 2006 and worked as its executive director from 2008-13. She has worked and partnered with many Lane County organizations, planned community events and served on boards. She is an artist and long-time member of the local philanthropic women's art group The ArtChics. Mija was the resident artist at the Oregon Supported Living Program (OSLP) Arts & Culture Program before transitioning to the role of development director. She is also the 2017 Eugene Slug Queen Santa Frida Babosita.

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