Payroll Tax Funded Programs

The Community Safety System

The Community Safety System includes police, fire, Central Lane 9-1-1, municipal court, prevention and social services, which are interdependent and work together. 

  1. Updates
  2. Funding Highlights
  3. Accountability Requirements
  1. youth at climbing gym

    Providing Support and Access to Youth of All Ages

    Funded by the Community Safety Payroll Tax, Eugene Recreation’s Youth Empowerment Program intentionally serves historically marginalized groups. Staff teach life skills, empower participants to explore creatively and connect with potential career paths. Read on...
  2. Group of children with recreation staff

    Providing Support and Access to Youth of All Ages

    Youth Inclusion staff prepare individualized support plans, called Environmental Support Plans (ESP), for children with developmental, health, and behavioral needs to help them participate in summer camps and recreational activities. Read on...
  3. Access road for emergencies

    Enhancing Community Safety Through Improved Access Roads

    In any emergency, a swift and effective response is the linchpin of success, especially when it comes to the dedicated men and women of our firefighting force. Read on...
  4. Life Safety Inspector in Gym

    Strengthening Safety in Eugene: The Impact of Our New Life Safety Inspector

    In November 2022, Eugene welcomed a new guardian of safety to our community. Funded by the Community Safety Payroll Tax, a dedicated Life Safety Inspector joined the ranks of the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal's Office with remarkable results. Read on...
  5. community safety officers working together

    Community Service Officers support My PD Connect

    My PD Connect is the next generation of EPD’s online reporting, allowing people to schedule a zoom or phone call with a Community Service Officer (CSO) as well as upload photos and videos for reports. Read on...
  6. Community-Safety-Officer-working-at-table

    Community Service Officers Improving Safety System

    Funded by the CSPT, the addition of Community Service Officers (CSOs) has had an immediate impact on Eugene's safety response, and recent commendations have poured in for multiple EPD CSOs. Read on...
  7. Community-Safety-Truck

    Community Service Unit Trucks Roll Out New Look and Feel

    What’s important about artwork? Plenty, and a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, the new graphics on the trucks used by Community Service Officers will flag a difference between sworn patrol officers and civilian CSOs. Read on...
  8. Citation-medal-in-box

    CSPT-funded Street Crimes Unit Honored With EPD's Unit Citation Award

    EPD’s Street Crimes Unit (SCU) has been honored for exemplary work in 2022. Read on...
  9. two people training on Lucus device

    Community Safety Funding: The Heart of the Matter

    Eugene Springfield Fire (ESF) has always focused on improving life safety for our communities – often in the form of medical responses. Read on...
  10. community safety payroll tax pinwheel

    Citizen Advisory Board 2022 Report Now Available

    As a community-led oversight body, the Community Safety Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) monitors the City of Eugene’s collection and spending of the Community Safety Payroll Tax. Read on...
  11. Two people talking to each other

    City Prosecutor's Office Expands, Connects, and Reduces Backlog

    The City Prosecutor’s Office (CPO) is committed to representing the people of the City of Eugene in a fair and equitable manner, and to handle all cases filed in Eugene Municipal Court consistently and efficiently. Read on...
  12. Conestoga huts in city park

    Rest Stop Program Supports, Stabilizes

    Rest Stops are designated sites where people can stay in Conestoga huts in a secure, managed location, with on-site amenities as well as individualized and group facilitation supports. Read on...
  13. City of Eugene Logo with City Skyline

    Community Court Lunch Program

    One of the many way community members and groups can help people in Community Court is through the Community Court Lunch Program. Read on...
  14. Person landscaping in downtown Eugene

    Community Restoration projects through Community Court

    Community Court program participants are required to complete a certain number of hours of Community Restoration during the length of their case plan. Read on...
  15. community safety icon on police car

    New Community Safety Icon

    Eugeneans will start noticing this new icon around town on vehicles, websites, and program materials to help understand how funds received from the Community Safety Payroll Tax are spent. The image included shows the icon on a Eugene Police Vehicle. Read on...
  16. Community Provider Room

    New Provider Room now open to all on Wednesdays

    The Community Provider Room began at Community Court in the Eugene Public Library, connecting anyone in need with local service providers, whether they are part of the Community Court program or just passing by. Read on...
  17. Young people at Vibe Teen event

    Teen Empowerment Program

    From the outset, the Community Safety Payroll Tax has included funding for out-of-school youth programs, which helped launch Eugene Rec’s Youth & Teen Empowerment Program in January 2022. Read on...
  18. Community Provider Room with Mural behind chairs and tables

    New mural brings connection and color to Community Court

    When developing a plan for our new Community Court Provider Room, we knew the space needed some color and warmth brought in to help people feel more welcome and comfortable. Read on...
  19. Patient on gurney with Eugene Springfield Fire personnel

    Ambulance Transport Fund at Eugene Fire

    The Ambulance Transport Fund (ATF) supports Eugene Fire & EMS’ emergency medical services and the services they provide to the community. Read on...
  20. Community Safety Officer

    Eugene Police Department – Community Service Officers

    Community Service Officers (CSOs) serve a vital role in enhancing response by providing an alternative response to sending a sworn officer and by keeping the community safe. Read on...
  21. City of Eugene

    Increasing Service Level in FY22 and FY23

    The City slowed the planned implementation of the CSI on the FY22 Adopted Budget from the previous implementation strategy due to caution regarding the unknown impact of the pandemic on employment and tax collection. Read on...
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What is the problem?

Our Community Safety System is stressed

  • Calls for police service increased 21% from 2014-17.
  • Staffing levels have remained relatively flat.
  • One out of three non-life threatening police calls for service receive no response, and general response times have increased by 20 minutes. 
  • The number of unsheltered homeless adults is significantly higher than in many other similar communities. 

While many creative programs have been applied to this problem to maximize resources and meet community needs, the growing demand continues to outpace capacity.

community safety payroll tax pinwheel

What is the plan? 

The Eugene City Council passed the Community Safety Payroll Tax Ordinance (No. 20616) in June 2019 to provide long-term funding for community safety services. The Community Safety Payroll Tax is expected to generate funds to provide faster, more efficient safety responses, deter crime, connect people to services, engage and help at-risk youth, support more investigations and court services, and add jail beds to reduce capacity-based releases and hold those who commit crimes accountable.

Three-pronged approach


Many people are seen repeatedly. The goal is to reduce those interactions and help people out of the system. Community partners are integral.

  • Deter crime
  • Connect people to services
  • Engage at-risk youth early


Increased response times are integral to improving our Community Safety System. Through the CSPT, we will:

  • Answer more calls for service
  • Get to more crimes faster
  • Use new tools and methods to increase efficiency


The goal is to resolve every situation in a way that is best for the people involved, as well as the community.

  • More investigations
  • More court services
  • More accountability