Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (EETAC)

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The Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (EETAC) will play a key role in two Envision Eugene implementation projects—the Growth Monitoring program and Urban Reserves planning. During the Envision Eugene process a group of highly-involved volunteers, called the Technical Resource Group (TRG), provided guidance and reviewed data. Though the EETAC has been developed out of the Technical Resource Group, it will be a new committee with its own structure and work plan.

The EETAC will review technical information used to inform policy decisions, provide feedback to staff on technical-related issues, and maintain institutional memory regarding assumptions and analysis related to long-term growth management-related efforts (specifically related to the urban reserves and growth monitoring programs). The early focus of the EETAC will be urban reserves planning and will shift to growth monitoring, with a period of time focusing on both projects.

EETAC Recruitment Deadlines

Sunday, July 15th Completed applications due
Week of July 23rd Interviews
Early August EETAC members appointed
Early September First meeeting

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • EETAC member duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Learning about and understanding the factors for monitoring Eugene’s growth;
    • Providing guidance to staff related to the technical aspects of urban reserves planning and growth monitoring; and
    • Serving as liaisons--connecting the general public, key community members, community groups and organizations to the urban reserves and growth monitoring work, and encouraging participation in both processes.
  • Meetings will be on a standing monthly basis, but will only be scheduled when there is material to review. Our expectation is that the EETAC will meet 6-12 times per year.
  • The term of office of committee members will be four years.


  • The EETAC will consist of 10-15 interested citizens.
  • Members may represent themselves and/or organizations, and should represent a diverse range of interests, expertise and qualities, including but not limited to:
    • Community planning, land use, housing, economic development, sustainability, active transportation/transit, and parks and open space, and natural resources.
  • We will also make an effort to seek out and include members with diverse gender and ethnicity backgrounds, geographies such as City and County residents, and demographics such as paid and unpaid, young and retired. 
  • In addition, members should be:
    • Comfortable analyzing quantitative information
    • Interested in long-term, community-wide growth implications
    • Able to commit adequate time to understanding and evaluating complex issues  
    • Able to work cooperatively in a group setting
  • Members will include one City Councilor, one Sustainability Commissioner and one Eugene Planning Commissioner. A Lane County Planning Commissioner is encouraged to participate.
  • The City Manager will appoint the members of the EETAC.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about the Growth Monitoring program, contact Heather O’Donnell at Heather.M.ODonnell@ci.eugene.or.us. To learn more about Urban Reserves, contact Rebecca Gershow at Rebecca.F.Gershow@ci.eugene.or.us.