Climate Action Plan 2.0

The 2010 Community Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) has guided a number of City, community based, and local partner agency efforts over the past seven years. As part of the direction from City Council in 2016, the City identified updating the CEAP as an organizational priority in 2018. As a result staff are working on a CEAP progress report and a draft of a new Community Climate Action Plan (CAP2.0).

Project Goals

The focus of the CAP 2.0 Project is to continue to foster the actions of the City, as well as our community’s agencies, companies and organizations, in moving toward:

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Reduced fossil fuel use
  • Adapting to climate change
  1. Plan Development
  2. Large-Lever Shareholders
  3. Equity Panel
  4. Public Meetings Calendar
  5. Past Public Meetings

The CAP 2.0 project plan was developed in consultation with the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Climate Recovery Ordinance Work Group, a group that included the Mayor, three City Councilors, representatives from the City Executive Team, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, and many other community members. The project earned support from City Council.

Membership included:

  • Mayor Vinis
  • Councilor Zelenka
  • Councilor Evans
  • Councilor Pryor
  • Brittany Quick-Warner
  • Corina McWilliams
  • Howard Saxion
  • Ingrid Kessler
  • Jim Neu
  • Jon Kloor
  • Joshua Skov
  • Kristie Hammitt
  • Kurt Corey
  • Mark Schoening
  • Matt McRae
  • Matthew Schroettnig
  • Rob Zako

Six local organizations to join City’s Climate Action Equity Panel

Six local organizations will participate in the City of Eugene’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2.0 Equity Panel. The panel’s goal is to capture and elevate the concerns of marginalized communities as they relate to the CAP 2.0, and it will meet about a dozen times between September 2018 and January 2019.

*See the Equity Panel tab above for more details *

CAP2.0 Public Feedback

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CAP 2.0 Project Documents