Mayor's Art Show

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Mayor’s Art Show

August 5-September 5, 2022

The Mayor’s Art Show (MAS) is part of a larger celebration of contemporary visual art, artists and the City’s public spaces. MAS celebrates local artists, art production and champions the visual arts. MAS recognizes the accomplishments of artists who are committed to enriching their communities through visual arts. Our intention is to cultivate diversity, equity, and access to the visual arts and artists. We envision a city of citizens whose success, safety and health are not pre-determined by their race, class, sexual orientation, gender, age, mental or physical ability.

The exhibition will be held virtually and will be on display in the downtown Eugene Public Library.

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Congratulations 2022 Mayor's Art Show Artists

Amy Albrecht, Taghrid Alghadban, Julie Anderson, Bridgette Bammann, Chelsea Beaudrie, David Becker, Twyla Bohrer, Patricia Carroll, Barbara Counsil, Andrew Daverman, Linda Devenow, Tallmadge Doyle, Amrita Dutia, Dennis Duvaul, Nissie Ellison, Janine Etherington, Analee Fuentes, Sherrill Gaughan, Hannah Hamalian, Terry Hedin, Karen Higgins, Ralf Huber, Nicole Hummel, Patti Lomont, Margot Lovinger, Rebecca Mannheimer, Patricia Montoya Donohue, Uyen-thi Nguyen, Carrie O’Coyle, Melanie Pearson, Kyzen Pemberton, Kevin Reilly, Karen Russo, William Rutherford, Lael Salaets, Josh Sands, Virginia Sands, Wanda Seamster, Katsuyuki Shibata, Eleanor Soleil, Yasmin Staunau, Heather Sterling-Minder, Jud Turner, Rob Varela, wEEirdEEr and Eliza Williams.

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