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The InMotion monthly e-newsletter highlights local walking, biking, rolling and transit information and opportunities. Sign-up to stay in the know about upcoming events, projects, grants and more!

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The City's Transportation Planning InMotion e-newsletter includes articles about transportation projects, programs and events, opportunities for public involvement, and public meetings that require feedback from the community. This is an excellent opportunity to reach over 4,000 community members who are interested in active transportation. 

Please limit your articles to 150 words or less for AREA EVENTS and 250 words or less for all other articles. When possible, include links to a website or event page where readers can find more information and include photos (under 200kb).

When possible the City uses "people first language" in our communications. For example we use "a person biking" instead of "bicyclists" and "a person walking" instead of "pedestrian." We edit InMotion submissions to reflect this language, unless specifically requested not to.

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Please submit articles, and questions, to Willow Hamilton at

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