Breakfast at the Bike Bridges, Richardson Bridge

Join the Transportation Planning Team!

The Transportation Planning Team offers competitive internships for students and non-students. The internships provide opportunities to:

  • Earn academic credit toward completion of a degree
  • Gain practical skills in a professional environment
  • Explore career paths

The Transportation Planning Team works on a variety of planning projects and programs, including: 

Transportation Planning  

  • Implementing the Eugene Transportation System Plan 
  • Managing the City’s biking and walking program  
  • Developing and participating in street plans and studies 
  • Coordinating planning efforts locally and regionally

Transportation Options

  • Educating residents about sustainable transportation choices
  • Promoting the use of active transportation options through campaigns and community events
  • Facilitating communication around transportation projects and goals to staff and the community
  • Reducing the number of "drive alone" trips

Current Internship Opportunities

The transportation planning team is seeking an intern for the spring and summer of 2023! 

Please review the internship description for details on the position and application process.

Internship opportunities usually coincide with the University of Oregon academic terms schedule. If available, they are usually posted in the January/February, April, July/August, or October of each calendar year. All internships are open to students and non-student community members.