Sponsors & Private Partners

 Food trucks at an event as part of a sponsorship

USDN Sponsors

Sponsors & Private Partners provide crucial support and offer an ideal means to creatively communicate triple bottom line messaging to the receiving public.

Guiding Goals

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for responsible events, Sponsors & Private Partners are encouraged to:

  • Consider the organization’s corporate responsibility efforts and determine if benefit exists to share that work through event support and sponsorship.
  • Create non-dated, “evergreen” signage and communication vehicles that can be deployed at events to educate, improve awareness and engage audiences on specific social and environmental issues.
  • Eliminate low-value giveaways and trinkets in favor of items with lasting practical uses. Re-think resource-intensive communication strategies.

Value Proposition

As a representative of SPONSORS & PRIVATE PARTNERS, you know that because 86% of consumers expect companies to do more than simply make a profit and that 63% rely on companies to produce positive change in the world, you need a straightforward way to produce and communicate positive social and environmental impacts to engaged audiences.

The Responsible Event Framework gives you the tools, suggestions and examples you need to achieve these aims.


Example Reports and Guidelines