Special Needs Accommodations


The Court is required to provide an interpreter for all non-English speaking and hearing impaired defendants and jurors. In addition the interpreter will provide translation services for defendants at the front counter and/or collections.

The Eugene Municipal Court also utilizes a telephone language line service which translates over 150 different languages when local interpreters are not available.

While performing his/her professional duties the interpreter shall not give advice, express personal opinions, or engage in any other activity that may be construed to constitute a service other than interpreting.

Paso a Paso ("Step by Step")

The Paso a Paso program at Eugene Municipal Court is offered to help people through the court process whom only speak Spanish and who have received a citation to appear at Eugene Municipal Court. Paso a Paso Sessions are scheduled the 2nd Thursday of each month (except holidays) at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

On Paso a Paso days, defendants will be greeted by a Spanish speaking volunteer advocate from Eugene’s Human Rights Program. A Spanish video explaining court process will be shown. If the citation is for a criminal offense, a Spanish Advice of Rights video will be shown explaining a defendant’s legal rights.

In the Courtroom

A Spanish speaking interpreter will then provide translation services in the courtroom throughout the arraignment. When the arraignment is finished, the translator and volunteer advocate will assist each defendant through the remainder of the court process. Services may include translating forms, explaining court process, outlining options and providing information.

Spanish speaking defendants scheduled for a Paso a Paso session may attend another arraignment session as long as it is PRIOR to the scheduled arraignment date listed on the citation. A Spanish translator will be called if a defendant appears on a day other than a Paso a Paso session; however a volunteer advocate will not be available to assist.

Limited Mobility Assistance

The Eugene Municipal Court building has an accessible ramp and elevator at the main entrance. In addition, the courtrooms used by the Eugene Municipal Court are also wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

If you have a permit to park in designated disabled parking spaces, you may use one of the spaces in the lot South of the courthouse. The entrance ramp is located in the Northeast corner of the block, on the Southwest corner of 11th and Lincoln.

Alternatives For The Hearing Impaired

The Eugene Municipal Court offers several options to aid hearing impaired individuals.

Assisted Listening Devices

Eugene Municipal Court has Assisted Listening Devices that can be checked out when requested at the front counter.

Sign-Language Interpreters

A sign language interpreter will be called in to provide translation services in the courtroom on an as-needed basis. The interpreter will also assist at front counter and/or collections.


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