Interim Executive Police Director

Interim Executive Police Director David JamesThe City of Eugene contracted with David James to serve as Interim Executive Police Director for the Eugene Police Department while the City went through the recruitment and hiring process for a permanent police chief. James will remain until the new, permanent chief begins in the spring of 2018. 

James was retained through the services of Strategic Government Research (SGR), the firm selected by the City of Eugene to recruit a new Eugene Police Chief in the wake of Chief Pete Kerns' retirement. To ensure a smooth transition, the contract with James allowed a short overlap with Chief Pete Kerns in early December.

Because of his extensive policing experience, James was able to quickly transition into the position and maintain day-to-day operations, while the City conducted the recruitment process. James also assisted in the recruiting process, while maintaining momentum already started on EPD’s Strategic Plan and the recently completed PERF study and recommendations. He also co-led the Community Justice Initiative.

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