13th Avenue Bikeway (Campus to Downtown)

Project Description

The proposed 13th Avenue Bikeway will feature a two-way protected bike lane on 13th Avenue from campus to downtown Eugene (exact limits have not been determined).  Protected bike lanes provide physical separation between the bikeway and travel lanes.  To facilitate two-way traffic, signalized intersections will have bike-only signal phases to prevent turning conflicts between street users and people riding bicycles.

Project Funding

Funding for this project is from multiple sources.  Grant funding from the Oregon Department of Transportation is provided through the All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) Program.  This program was developed to address safety needs on public roads and aligns with the city's Vision Zero policy.  The City of Eugene received $2.3M from ARTS.

Regional funding is through Surface Transportation Program-Urban (STP-U).  These funds are distributed through the the Central Lane Council of Governments.  The program provides flexible funding to improve and preserve transportation infrastructure related to walking, bicycling, riding the bus, and private automobile use.  The city of Eugene received $450K from STP-U.

In addition, David Minor's family has committed $150,000 to the development of the bikeway.  David Minor lost his life in a car-bike crash on 13th Avenue at Willamette Street in June 2008.  The city will consider naming the project the "David Minor Bikeway" according to city procedures for naming infrastructure.


The LiveMove student organization at the University of Oregon started the conversation by assembling a report called the "13th Avenue Downtown-Campus Corridor Concept Plan".  This led to three community discussions facilitated by city staff.  The result of the public process was to develop infrastructure changes on 13th Avenue, including the two-way bikeway.

Since the public process, city staff has started to combine funding sources to fund project development. Additional analyses have also been completed including a traffic analysis and conceptual intersection sketches.  Alta Planning + Design developed the intersection sketches linked below.  These are concepts, not final designs, but they help to illustrate the potential of the 13th Avenue Bikeway.

13th Avenue Sketchbook

Read more about the process on our Process Page.

Below: Conceptual sketch of 13th Avenue at Alder Street with two-way bikeway

13th_Alder Sketch


The city is working with ODOT to assemble the intergovernmental agreements for grant funding.  Design is expected to start soon with construction occurring in 2019.  Since the 13th Avenue Bikeway was developed, the city has also received funding to building a two-way protected bike lane on High Street (from 19th Avenue to 8th Avenue).  Depending on contracting duration, it's possible both projects could be built at the same time (optimistically, in 2019).


For more information please contact Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, 541-682-5727.