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Urban Canvas strives to create a vibrant and dynamic public art community in Eugene by providing opportunities for local artists to create murals with local business.

Urban Canvas accepts artist portfolios and wall proposals from businesses on an ongoing basis.

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Urban Canvas accepts portfolios from artists of all experience levels, from the experienced muralist to the visual artist wanting to branch out into mural work. With the information and images provided by each artist, we create a portfolio that we show to wall owners interested in commissioning a mural.

Submission Process

  • Fill out the Artist Submission form for Urban Canvas. You may save your progress and return at a later date by making an account. To access a saved application, go to the form, login, and click on “My Forms.” Be sure to double check all information has been entered accurately. The information you provide on this form will be used to create your artist profile that we share with potential wall owners and project managers.
  • The main contact indicated on your submission form will be notified if your artistic talents match the aesthetic wishes of a project coordinator/wall owner. If your work is selected, Urban Canvas will serve as the liaison between you and the building owner/project coordinator (as appropriate for the specific project).
  • Urban Canvas reserves the right to not include a submission in the portfolio of artists available to wall owners. Artwork that includes - but not limited to - hate speech, illicit drug use, pornography, and violence will not be accepted for portfolio usage.

2021 Projects

Windowfront Paintings

Northwest flora and fauna paintings by Urban Canvas artists bring color and vibrancy to windowfronts.

Windowfront Exhibitions David Placencia December 2020David Placencia


Dates displayed: December 14, 2020 - February 15, 2021

Location: 1045 Willamette Street 

About: Born in Southern California, David CP Placencia moved permanently to Eugene, Oregon in 2008 to focus on his art practice. 2012 marked his first solo exhibition at a local art gallery and he continues to show artworks, public art and provides art instruction in Eugene religiously since graduating from the University of Oregon in 2013. Teaching and being active in community projects became a large part of his practice. In 2019 he founded WheelHaus Arts, a K-12 art studio and gallery. khaostasis.com/

Windowfront Exhibitions Dorothy Siemens Dec 2020Dorothy Siemens


Dates displayed: December 14, 2020 - February 15, 2021

Location: 833 Willamette Street

About: Dorothy Siemens has found her life’s work in illustrating, drawing, painting, and bringing joy to people through her art. She discovered her style in warm texturized peripheral shapes composed of bold and bright colors and spirited but casual actors. After studying printing making at the U of O, she lived and worked as an artist in Japan, co-directing a nomadic gallery. Dorothy now resides in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Her portfolio includes contract work with Fiverr, band posters, magazine ads and editorials, children’s books and everything in between. deedeeoho.tumblr.com/

Windowfront Exhibitions Janene Block Dec 2020Janene Block


Dates displayed: December 14, 2020 - February 15, 2021

Location: 80 E. Broadway 

About: Janene Block is a local artist who has lived in Eugene/Springfield most of her life and received her education in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon.  She is an illustrator and painter with a passion for studying the human body through dance and portraiture. She is a special needs mom who, in her spare time uses painting as a means of catharsis. She also enjoys painting landscapes and murals while finding comfort and solace in creating portraits, particularly those who have passed on. It is a great honor for her to commemorate people through her paintings. It is a spiritual and intimate experience and a very special gift to share with others as a way to give back to her community. facebook.com/JaneneBlockStudios