Task Team 1

Task Team 1 focused on Objective 1 of the FY 2018-2019 Housing Policy Board's Work Plan: Evaluate current and potential resources for creating and preserving affordable housing. The task team met in 2017-2018 and their work was folded into the work of the Planning Division and Housing Tools and Strategies.


Residents of communities throughout Oregon are experiencing housing challenges related to affordability, quality, and stability. In response to these challenges, the State of Oregon passed a suite of legislative measures in 2016, including Senate Bill 1533.

Through SB 1533, the State of Oregon has enabled two new tools for local jurisdictions to increase the availability of affordable housing. The first tool is a limited form of inclusionary zoning, which allows jurisdictions to require inclusion of affordable units in multifamily structures with 20 or more units. The second tool is the ability to create local affordable housing trust funds through a construction excise tax. Jurisdictions may require up to a one percent fee on the permit value of residential construction. There is not limitation on the percentage a jurisdiction may require for commercial or industrial construction at this time.

There are multiple jurisdictions in Oregon that have taken advantage of this legislation to adopt a local construction excise taxes to support affordable housing programs.

Click the following links to view the HPB/Task Team 1 recommendation: Affordable Housing Trust Fund and How to Fund It and supporting presentation, Expanding Eugene's Affordable Housing Trust Fund Through Senate Bill 1533. These were presented and discussed at the Housing Policy Board meetings.