Rest Stops

Rest stops allow up to 20 people to sleep overnight in tents or Conestoga huts on sites approved by

In October 2013, in response to the growing need for safe places to sleep for people who are experiencing homelessness, the Eugene City Council approved a Rest Stop pilot program. Rest Stops allow up to 20 people, age 18 and older, to sleep overnight in tents or Conestoga huts on designated sites approved by the City Council. Each site must be managed by a site operator who signs an agreement with the City to supervise the site. In February 2017, in recognition of the program's success in providing safe and managed places for people to stabilize while they work toward housing, the City Council removed the sunset date from the program.

Current Sites in Eugene

Current Rest Stops are located at:

  • N. Garfield and Roosevelt 
  • Northwest Expressway and Chambers
  • On the property of the Eugene Mission
  • 34th Ave. and Hilyard St.

The Rest Stops are operated by two non-profits, Community Supported Shelters and Nightingale Hosted Shelters.

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