Tree Planting, Care and Removal

a group of potted trees
  1. Before Planting
  2. After Planting

Planting Permit

Before planting (or removing) a street tree, you need to obtain a planting permit.

Please check our Administrative Forms or call our Urban Forestry Management Analyst at (541) 682-4817 to apply for your planting application.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

It is important to plant the right tree in the right place to maximize tree benefits and reduce future maintenance and infrastructure conflicts.

Trees should be selected specifically for the location with considerations given to future growth, rooting, conditions, soil type, overhead and underground obstructions, and diversity among the urban forest. These precautions help minimize damage and ensure long-term health of the tree.

To help property owners choose species that are well-suited for our climate, the City of Eugene maintains a list of approved street trees and planting guide. Use the filters in this excel sheet of approved street trees to find well-suited trees for your site.