Tree Planting, Care and Removal

Before planting

Before planting or removing a street tree, you need to obtain a planting permit.

Please check our Administrative Forms or call our Urban Forestry Management Analyst at (541) 682-4817 to apply for your planting application. 

For more information about street trees, please see our brochure.

  • Having the right tree in the right place

It is important to plant the right tree in the right place to maximize tree benefits and reduce future maintenance and infrastructure conflicts.

To help property owners choose species that are well-suited for our climate, the City of Eugene maintains a list of approved street trees and planting guide. Use the filters in this excel sheet of approved street trees to find well-suited trees for your site.

After Planting

  • Tree planting, care, pruning, and removal educational forms

Trees need care throughout their lives, and, just like us, they need special care when they’re very young and when they’re mature.

Young trees are especially vulnerable for the first three years after planting, when they’re re-growing the roots lost during transplanting. Watering too much or too little can cause wilting and death. Pruning at the end of the three-year period is important to form a good branching structure that won’t break apart in storms. Trees need to be pruned throughout their life for health and safety. Larger, mature trees often need special pruning or care to alleviate damage from disease or storms.

For more information, the website TreesAreGood provides homeowners and other tree owners with reliable information regarding the benefits of trees and how to properly care for trees in an urban environment.

The Oregon Department of Forestry also provides online educational forms for communities and homeowners.