Project Overview

For over 30 years, land use and development in the River Road and Santa Clara communities has been governed by the River Road-Santa Clara Urban Facilities Plan. Adopted in 1987, the plan needs to be updated. The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations have sponsored activities to gather information on neighborhood concerns, dedicating innumerable volunteer hours to hearing from the community. These activities will form the basis of further outreach efforts in the crafting of a responsive neighborhood plan.

Updated Process Graphic

The planning process is a collaborative effort among the River Road and Santa Clara community organizations, the City of Eugene, Lane County, and other stakeholders throughout both neighborhoods. The 2-year planning process will result in a neighborhood vision that will guide decision-making for decades to come.

The vision will be articulated in a goal and policy document, the neighborhood plan. The plan will focus on five priority areas: Land Use, Transportation, Economic Development, Community and Parks and Natural Resources. You can learn more about the topic areas by visiting the topic areas page.

We will develop an action plan that includes implementation strategies to advance the determined policy direction. The final product, including policies, zone changes, and new development standards, will be adopted by the City of Eugene and Lane County to ensure action and long-term implementation.

Because of the importance of River Road to the neighborhood vision, we are conducting a more intensive study of River Road corridor from NW Expressway to Hunsaker Lane. A grant from the Federal Transit Administration allows us to study land use, economic development and transportation issues along the corridor. You can learn more about this part of the project by visiting the River Road Corridor Study page.

Visit the get involved page to find out how you can be a part of the planning process!

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