Volunteer Position Descriptions

Note: All existing volunteer positions are posted so that individuals interested in joining the VIP Program can become familiar with the types of volunteer opportunities EPD offers. Not all positions are open. To inquire as to whether a particular volunteer position is open, email VIP Program Manager Lindy Smith or call 541-682-5355.

Animal Welfare Unit-Office Assistant-Barking Dog Program and Donation Letters
Animal Welfare Unit-Office Assistant-Dangerous Dog Program and Financial Turnovers)
Arson Investigations Unit Training and Equipment Coordinator
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Team
Bicycle Registration Assistant
Cold Case Squad
Cold Case Squad Office Assistant
Communications-911 Center Assistant
Crime Analysis Unit-Office Support
Crime Analysis Unit-Office Support-College Practicum
Crime Prevention Unit Assistant
Crime Prevention Unit-Operations Support Team
Department History Archivist
Downtown Public Safety Station-Station Assistant
Evidence Control Unit Researcher-Internship
Evidence Control Unit-Special Project-Case File Verification
Evidence Control Unit-Special Project-Court Judgments and Orders
Finance Section Assistant
Forensic Evidence Unit Intern
Forensic Evidence Unit Office Assistant
Huckleberry Patrol-Graffiti Abatement
Image Retrieval Team
Police Headquarters Tour Guide
Police Planning-Special Projects
Policy Analysis and Development-Sergeant Assistant
Public Information Office-PR Assistant
Quartermaster Assistant
Radio Inventory Project Team
Report Writing Quality Assurance Reviewer
Records Section Assistant
Seniors on Patrol Team
Social Media Detective Assistant
Squad Car Maintenance Team
Subpoena Service Team
Violent Crimes Unit-Office Assistant-DHS Referrals
West University Public Safety Station-Station Assistant