Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation Project


It is now day 23 of the Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation Project with a projected 57 days remaining. So much has happened in such a short period of time and so far we’re on track with just a couple hick-ups here and there.

Below is what has happened since just last Thursday:

  • Completed full & partial depth asphalt removal
  • Completed breaking and removing CTB (concrete treated base) on TWYs A, A7 and A8
  • Completed demolition of electrical direct buried ducts
  • Stripping and stockpiling grass to waste and topsoil for reuse
  • Approved additional temporary haul route to remove grass waste via gate 310
  • Grading shoulders to specs

Starting today, Wildish begins removing  storm pipes and under drain pipes. Next week on with sub grade preparation and taxiway center line conduit installation.


So far we are day 9 into The Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation Project with a remaining 71 days to go. 

Here is what has been accomplished over the past 7 days:

  • Paint marking removal
  • Full depth asphalt removal nearing completion
  • Started breaking and removing CTB (concrete treated base) at the north end of Taxiway Alpha at A7
  • Removed existing airfield lighting wiring and edge light fixtures
  • Demolished 80 light cans and junction cans
  • Demolished 11 sign bases
  • Completed the silt fence installation for environmental compliance
  • FAA  marked ODALS cable at RWY threshold and awaiting  pothole to confirm

All in all we are making great progress and the project is running smooth. The contractors and sub-contractor are doing an excellent job with checking badges, providing construction flags and creating a safe environment.

Stay safe and be aware!

For more information on the Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation Project, please contact Airport Administration at 541-682-5430.