Permit Requirements

When Do I Need A Permit?

In addition to any permits required by other departments or agencies, a Fire Operational Permit shall be obtained from the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal’s Office prior to engaging in the following activities and operations.

  • Amusement Building: A permit is required to operate special amusement buildings, such as haunted houses and similar temporary installations. 
  • Carnivals & Fairs: A permit is required to operate a carnival or fair. Carnivals and fairs are mobile enterprises principally devoted to offering amusement or entertainment to the public in, upon or by means of portable amusement rides or devices or temporary structures in any number or combination, whether or not associated with other structures or forms of public attraction.
  • Covered and Open Mall Buildings: A permit is required for the placement of retail fixtures and displays, concession equipment, displays of highly combustible goods and similar items in a mall. Also includes the display of liquid or gas-fired equipment, and open-flame or flame-producing equipment.
  • Liquid/Gas Fueled Vehicle in Building: A permit is required to display, operate or demonstrate liquid or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings. Batteries must be disconnected, and fuel tank secured with less than ¼ tank or 5 gallons (whichever is less).
  • Mobile Food Unit & Food Cart Pods: A permit is required for mobile food units that have appliances that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors, or a food cart pod. A mobile food unit includes vehicles that contain cooking equipment that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors for the purpose of preparing and serving food to the public and are licensed by the Oregon Health Authority in accordance with OAR 333, Division 162. Mobile food units may include vehicles, sheds, trailered unit, trucks, buses, existing sheds or other roofed enclosures. Vehicles intended for private recreation shall not be considered mobile food preparation vehicles.
  • Fire Art Performance: A permit is required to conduct a fire art performance in a public or private location.
  • Outdoor Assembly Event: A permit is required to conduct an outdoor assembly event where planned attendance exceeds 1,000 persons.
  • Places of Temporary Assembly: A permit is required when a space to be utilized for temporary assembly has not been previously classified as or approved for assembly use by the Building Official. This permit is not intended to substitute for compliance with code requirements for an Assembly occupancy. The issuance of a places of temporary assembly operational permit is at the sole discretion of the Fire Code Official and may include additional safeguards.
  • Exhibit & Trade Show – Single Event: This permit is required when an event in which the display of products or services is organized to bring together the provider and users of the products and services. An operational permit is required when the number of tables or booths exceed 10, cooking is involved, or when the display area exceeds 500 square feet. 
  • Annual Exhibit & Trade Show: This permit is required for exhibits & trade shows that occur more than once in a year, at the same location, and utilizing the consistent configuration for each occurrence. An example of this would be a farmer’s or flea market where the location and vendor configuration are the same from week to week.
  • Tents & Temporary Membrane Structures: This applies to lightweight, fabric-based shelter that is not permanently affixed and is typically used for temporary events, such as outdoor gatherings, trade shows, or exhibitions. Structures erected for less than 180 days qualify as temporary. Please see supplemental information below.

Tent Permit FAQ Diagram

Tent Permit FAQ