Cody & Casey the Fire Dogs

CaseyHi! My name is Casey. That is short for Merry Go Round Arson Case Investigator. I am an Official Fire Safety Dalmatian. It is the GREATEST job in the world! I teach children about fire safety. Like what a smoke alarm sounds like and what you should do when you hear it, how to crawl low under smoke, what firefighters where, how to dial 9-1-1, the importance of an escape plan and meeting place and to stop, drop and roll if your clothes catch fire. 

I also serve as a member of the Oregon Fire Service Honor Guard, a team of fire service personnel (paid and volunteer) that provide honors Oregon’s fallen firefighters and provide assistance to their families.

When I am not hanging out at the fire station, I volunteer as a Project Canine Certified Therapy Dog and a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response Dog. I also enjoy dog time: playing with my friends, barn hunting, tricks, parkour and snuggling.

I followed the paw prints of my big brother Cody, he set a pawmazing example for me as a FireDog, Therapy Dog, Crisis Response Dog, Honor Guard member and Furiend. I hope I make him proud!

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CodyEugene Springfield Fire Says Final Goodbye to Retired Fire Dog Cody

Majestic Kl’s Fire Code Inspector (Cody) started his fire service career in Yakima, WA and made his way to Eugene, OR ten years ago when his handler Amy Linder was hired as a Deputy Fire Marshal (or maybe we hired Cody and found something for Amy to do; the memory is a little fuzzy). Cody quickly became a hit! Teaching fire safety throughout Eugene and Springfield, Cody excelled in connecting with people of all ages and went on to become certified as a therapy and crisis response dog. He visited people and groups locally, and on occasion traveled to provide comfort to those impacted by tragedy, including the campus shooting at Northern Illinois University. Never one to stray far from his fire service heritage, Cody became the first elected four-legged member of the Oregon Fire Service Honor Guard. Providing comfort and support to family members, co-workers and friends of fallen firefighters in his unique way, with soft fuzzy ears to listen or scratch, and a spotted sense to wiggle his way into your heart. The lives he has touched are countless, and the legacy he leaves is immeasurable. He made his way to the rainbow bridge on Thursday, August 24th. He has left wonderful paw prints to follow for Fire Dog Casey and future Fire Dogs to come. He will be missed by many, though none more than now Assistant Fire Marshal Amy Linder and lil’ brother Fire Dog Casey. RIP buddy, we’ll take it from here!

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