River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan

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River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan Overview

The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, in collaboration with neighbors, businesses, the City of Eugene and Lane County, are creating a vision that will guide decision-making in River Road and Santa Clara for decades to come. 

Project Phases

Where are we in the planning process?

The River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan includes six phases - Reaching Out, Neighborhood Visioning, Neighborhood Priorities, Policy Development, Action Planning, and Adoption

Fall 2017-Summer 2018

  • The Reaching Out, Visioning, and Neighborhood Priorities phases focused on raising awareness of the project and asking the community what they value now and what their hopes for the future are. This helped to establish community values and priorities to include in vision statements.

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

  • The Policy Development phase focused on drafting policies that relate to the vision and neighborhood priorities. The draft policies are organized under 18 high-level goals, which were written by the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and vetted by Topic Area Working Groups and the community.
  • In May 2019, Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners approved the draft goals and policies as a platform for moving into the Action Planning Phase, the current phase of the plan.

Spring 2019-Present

  • The Action Planning phase has focused on drafting, evaluating and prioritizing actions to implement the draft policies. Refining the action items has been a collaborative process among the CAC and City, County, and partner agency staff.
  • The CAC and project staff are preparing the Action Plan with details such as who would be responsible for implementing the action and general estimates for cost, timeframe and feasibility as well as developing a strategy for ongoing implementation.

What’s Next

  • Following the Action Planning Phase will be the Adoption phase - the final adoption of the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan.

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