River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan

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Plan Adoption

Launched in fall 2017, the neighborhood planning process has been a collaborative effort among community members, River Road Community Organization (RRCO), Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO), City of Eugene, Lane County, and other stakeholders throughout both neighborhoods.

After five phases and countless volunteer and staff hours, neighborhood planning has entered the final phase – Adoption! After years of gathering community input for the visions, goals, and policies in the Neighborhood Plan, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) made their recommendation to the Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions to approve the Neighborhood Plan, Action Plan, and Neighborhood-specific Code Amendments with some small staff and community-generated revisions. The CAC recommendation was informed by unanimous recommendations from both the River Road and Santa Clara community organizations earlier in July.  Staff made refinements to the draft plan documents in alignment with the community recommendations before bringing an updated version to both Planning Commissions for a joint public hearing.

The Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions both made recommendations to adopt the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan to their respective decision-makers. These recommendations bring neighborhood planning one step closer to adoption! Eugene Planning Commission also recommended the neighborhood-specific code amendments, as modified during their deliberations. 

Adoption Process

Eugene and Lane County are considering amendments to the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan) to adopt the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan. Eugene is also considering neighborhood-specific land use code amendments within the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhood boundaries (these changes would only apply to properties within city limits). 

City and County officials are formally accepting comments on these proposals. All testimony received will be forwarded to the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners for their consideration before any final action is taken.

To submit testimony:

  • Written Testimony: Send a written statement to the Eugene City Council and/or Lane County Board of Commissioners, c/o Elena Domingo, City of Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401.
  • Email Testimony: Send e-mail testimony to RRSCPlan@eugene-or.gov.

Testimony received September 12, 2023 - November 28, 2023

Visit the land use application site to view materials related to this adoption process. 

Public Meetings


  • March 12, 2024: Joint City Council and Board of Commissioners Hearing


Neighborhood Planning

The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, City and County staff,  and neighborhood volunteers have been working together since the spring of 2017 to create a neighborhood plan for the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods. The earlier phases of the neighborhood planning process focused on outreach and engagement, asking community members what they value in their neighborhoods now and about their hopes and visions for the future. The community input was used by the CAC and Topic Area Working Groups to draft goals and policies in the Neighborhood Plan that reflect the neighborhood priorities under five Topic Areas - Land Use, Economic Development, Transportation, Parks and Natural Resources, and Community

Read the Draft River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan

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Action Planning

The Action Plan includes community identified actions that are possible strategies to implement the adopted policies in the Neighborhood Plan. The Action Plan will guide implementation of the Neighborhood Plan incrementally over the long-term and will require continued coordination between the City, County, River Road and Santa Clara communities, and other community partners, as well as advocacy for additional resources.

Read the Draft River Road-Santa Clara Action Plan.

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Neighborhood-specific Code Amendments

This set of proposed code changes amends the Low Density Residential (R-1) and Community Commercial (C-2) zones to incorporate the most critical items originally included in the Draft River Road Corridor Code and important to the neighborhoods. This includes building height limits, expanding farm sales opportunities, prohibiting or limiting certain auto-oriented uses, and adding transition standards between commercial and residential zones.

Read the Draft Neighborhood-specific Code Amendments.

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Adoption of the Neighborhood Plan is a key step in implementing the community vision and sets the policy direction for ongoing collaboration. The River Road and Santa Clara communities will continue to represent the Neighborhood Plan and collaborate with City and County staff as on-going implementation and advocacy occurs. Neighborhood Plan representatives from the River Road and Santa Clara community organizations will meet with key City and County staff during an annual coordination and information sharing meeting.

Though being in the Action Plan doesn’t guarantee that these actions occur, it does help agency staff apply for funding and prioritize and recommend projects when considering city-wide needs. The actions will also help guide the community when advocating for implementation and identifying community priorities as they change.

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