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The City of Eugene is pleased to offer a Design Consultation service to assist you in identifying opportunities for your project to respond to the urban context in a way that is emblematic of Eugene’s most important values before submitting a formal application. Our Urban Design Team can help your project realize its potential and save you time and costly redesign fees by helping you start your project off on the right track.

By aligning new developments with community goals, our team can help you realize your project in a way that:

  • Improves the built environment
  • Adds value to your new development and existing neighboring developments
  • Improves the experience of the project’s residents, employees, customers and/or guests
  • Assists property owners in understanding their properties’ potential

Additionally, we have design resources available for you to read at your leisure. Please take a look at our Community Design Handbook, Urban Form Plan, Successful Storefronts, and Living in the City documents for recommended general guidelines to help you achieve a successful project.

While we welcome anyone to take advantage of this service at any project phase, we recommend convening with our staff as early as possible to maximize your benefits. We practice and encourage thoughtful consideration of the following elements to achieve a successful project:


Successful developments utilize a mixture of elements that contribute to a walkable neighborhood, enrich the streetscape, and support community comfort and safety at all hours. Buildings are designed for the human scale; they engage the street and promote transparency. They also help define a sense of place, respect the neighborhood through appropriate siting and massing, and employ high‐quality and contextually appropriate materials and colors.

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Sustainable developments encourage natural resiliency by utilizing local materials where possible and are designed with site-specific strategies that respond to provincial sun, wind, and rain conditions. They minimize energy use and waste. They also encourage alternative modes of transportation including bicycle and public transit use. These developments strive to live symbiotically with nature.

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We encourage every business to succeed with an holistic approach to financial profitability. When we create great places and great buildings, people go to those places and buildings. These places become welcome parts of the community and they succeed. By ensuring that developments foster a sense of community in an environmentally sound way, we can help create the conditions for a well-balanced, financially successful project.

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