Downtown Watch

Thank you for helping make our downtown safe by reporting information related to downtown safety.

If this is an emergency or you are observing a crime in progress, please call 911. 

Otherwise, please use one of the online reporting tools linked below to report a safety, maintenance or cleanliness issue. Your information will be helpful in making us aware of issues so that we can address them appropriately. Thank you for your help in keeping our downtown safe.

Downtown Watch Zone Map

If you see a crime in progress, go to a safe area and call 911.

To report a crime such as theft, drug dealing, disorderly behavior, car break-in or vandalism click on the link below to access Eugene Police Department’s online crime report.


Maintenance or Cleanliness Issues 
To report a maintenance or cleanliness issue such as graffiti, trash, fixture problem (table, bench, sign, lights, Etc.), trip hazard or other like issues please complete the reporting form on the following link.

Thank you again for your help.