Mayor Lucy Vinis


I’m excited to introduce you to this newly constructed webpage. Below you will find links to my weekly blog, monthly recaps, and the Mayor’s Report, a dynamic list of projects that council and staff are working on – a real-time living tool to track our work and progress online, providing consistent updates of where we are on important issues. I hope everyone finds these tools useful. 
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Monthly Update 

Here are the highlights from my first month in office:
  • Rental Housing Code: Council voted to adopt the amended code that expanded some habitability criteria. They removed the sunset clause making the program permanent due to the program’s positive impact on tenants, but required periodic oversight and financial analysis of the annual fee from landlords.
  • Resolution banning oil trains: Council voted to adopt this resolution because of the profound safety concerns about explosive oil that is transported through the middle of our city. It joins our voice with those of other West Coast cities in demanding attention and action on railroad safety.
  • Downtown safety: At January’s public forum, almost half of the 74 people who testified voiced their concerns about safety on downtown streets. The council work session is scheduled for February 8.
  • Sanctuary City: Council directed staff in November to develop an ordinance; and former Mayor Piercy established a task force to help frame the hoped-for outcomes.  The work of that task force will come to council on February 21. If the council chooses to proceed, they will direct staff to craft the ordinance language, schedule a public hearing and then a vote.

Key topics in February will be a review of the rest stop program, the report from the Project for Public Spaces, the planning process for the South Willamette area, and the Transportation System Plan.