Mayor Lucy Vinis


Below you will find links to my weekly blog, monthly recaps, and the Mayor’s Report, a dynamic list of projects that council and staff are working on – a real-time living tool to track our work and progress online, providing consistent updates of where we are on important issues. I hope everyone finds these tools useful. 
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Monthly Update 

The results of Election Day are momentous. On the one hand, both Parks and Recreation measures passed easily with strong mandates. This is great news for all of us and will enable the City to fulfill our commitment to develop long-awaited parks, increase our investment in park safety and maintenance, and renovate our outdated facilities.

On the other hand, both measures for an auditor, elected or appointed by council, have failed to reach 50 percent. I applaud the proponents of both auditor measures for bringing these proposals forward and engaging in a robust community conversation about how to improve efficiency and transparency in city government. Even though both measures failed, together they represent a strong interest among voters for an auditor role in some form.

This is not the end of the conversation. I campaigned in 2016 in support of an auditor. My commitment to this remains firm. I believe the city council should take this opportunity in a work session to examine our current auditing practices and identify areas where they could be expanded. Without a charter amendment, one option could be a commitment by the City to contract with an external performance auditing firm.

This is a first step. I hope councilors will continue this conversation with their wards. I welcome ideas for how city government could better serve the community.