2017 State of the City Highlights Video

2016 was a dynamic year for the City of Eugene. The City Council led the way, setting the direction for the organization to make progress on community priorities including Economic Prosperity, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Equity – our triple bottom line. Additional emphasis on community safety, downtown and culture and recreation helped Eugene become a safer, more livable and vibrant city.

Economic Prosperity Close

Economic Prosperity
Innovation District Grows
The City of Eugene, EWEB and the Lane council of Governments formed a partnership to construct a publicly-owned, open access, affordable broadband fiber network in downtown Eugene, creating critical infrastructure to support Eugene’s growing high tech business sector.

  • Super high speed internet
  • 7 times the bandwidth, 40% of the cost
  • Supports tech industry, helps create jobs

Terminal Expansion Project Completed
The Eugene Airport’s newly expanded terminal is now fully operational. An expanded baggage claim, a new waiting area and larger security checkpoint add 12,800 square feet of new construction. Restaurants, shops and a bar are expanded and remodeled.

  • Expanded baggage claim
  • B-gate hold room
  • Increased flexibility and amenities

Increased Downtown Safety
A safe, vibrant downtown is a critical economic engine for the entire community. The Eugene Police Department played an important role in downtown this year, increasing patrol coverage. EPD also partnered with community organizations to create the Community Outreach Response Team, reducing recidivism by helping those most in need connect with community resources.

  • Increased foot and bike patrols
  • Focus on Park Blocks and Broadway Plaza
  • 40 clients helped, recidivism reduced

Council Supports Enhanced CAHOOTS
City Council supported the expansion of critical CAHOOTS services, funding the group to operate 24/7. CAHOOTS provides mobile crisis intervention, providing appropriate needed services and reducing Police and Fire response costs.

  • Council-approved budget
  • Extends hours to 24/7 beginning Jan. 1
  • Saves time for officers

Programs Support Downtown Housing and Open Space
The updated downtown Multi-Unit Property Exemption Program and extension of downtown Urban Renewal provide new opportunities to fulfill long-term goals downtown. More than 2,000 community members shared their thoughts on improving downtown spaces through surveys, workshops and events.

  • Changes to MUPTE add accountability
  • Incentives for more housing downtown
  • Community input on public space improvements
Environmental Sustainability Close

Environmental Sustainability Climate Recovery Ordinance
The City Council updated the Climate Recovery Ordinance, furthering Eugene’s leadership as a climate smart community. The ordinance makes Eugene one of the first cities to establish a science-based greenhouse gas emissions targ3et. The ordinance sets specific goals and benchmarks for climate action.

  • Climate leadership city
  • Carbon neutral City operations by 2020
  • Reduce fossil fuel use by 50% by 2030

Residential Compost Pilot Launches
Each year, Eugene puts over 40 million pounds of food waste in the local landfill. To reduce food waste coming from homes, the City launched a residential curbside food waste collection pilot program to turn leftovers into compost.

  • Recycle food into garden compost
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Four initial areas

Streetlight Conversion Begins
Nearly half of the City’s streetlights are now outfitted with LED fixtures, which consume less energy and require less maintenance. The lights are also more direct and show truer colors. The project should save the City about $3.3 million in maintenance and energy costs over 20 years.

  • Consume less energy
  • Require less maintenance
  • Save millions in maintenance, energy costs

South Willamette Street Pilot Study
With the goal of creating a street that is safe and accessible for all modes, Public Works Engineering reconfigured south Willamette Street between 24th and 29th avenues as part of a year-long pilot study.

  • One travel lane each way
  • One bike lane each way
  • One center turn lane

Social Equity Close

Social Equity
Downtown Library Opens Makers’ Hub
The Downtown Library opened the Makers’ Hub this year, offering access to a wide variety of tools and activities that help develop skills, explore, invent and create success in school, work, art and life.

  • 3D design and printing
  • DIY projects and crafts
  • High-tech resources

Website and Webcast Upgrades
Access to City information increased significantly when the new website launched in January, with website visits and mobile use up. Also, as of September, webcasts of City Council meetings are now accessible to all users and mobile devices, increasing transparency of City government.

  • Visits to website up 24%
  • Webcasts available on all system and mobile devices
  • Mobile use up 37%

Fire Camps Inspires Young Women
Eugene Springfield Fire hosted its 6th annual Young Women’s Fire Camp for high school-aged women this summer. Campers spend a week with women firefighters and paramedics, learning about fire and emergency services, leadership and team-building.

  • Hands-on drills in safe environment
  • Learning from women in the field
  • Inspire confidence

New Opportunities for Affordable Housing
Eugene’s supply and quality of affordable housing improved again this year, with 48 new units added to Bascom Village, upgrades to Olive Plaza, and the acquisition of a new site for future additional affordable housing.

  • Phase 2 of Bascom Village completed
  • Seismic upgrades to Olive Plaza
  • 3 acre site for 50-60 affordable units

Community Court Brings Innovative Justice Model
Municipal Court, the Police Department and other partners worked together to launch Community Court in September. This alternative to the traditional justice system gives offenders of low-level crimes access to social services, and community service sentencing rather than jail time, offering a route to get their lives on a positive track.

  • Community service in place of jail
  • Connect with service providers
  • Supportive environment

Homelessness Service Efforts Continue
The City continued to work with partners to connect unhoused community members with housing, shelter, and special services. The City Council passed a resolution declaring the City’s commitment to the Housing First model. Current programs, such as rest stops and winter shelter options, were expanded and new initiatives launched.

  • Operation 365 housed 404 veterans
  • New rest stop focused on women and couples
  • 15th Night network launched to aid homeless youth
Community Safety Close

Community Safety
Safe Routes to School Bike Education Program Grows
The Safe Routes to School program grew 8% this year, now serving 1,319 youth. The two-week class teaches students about bike transportation, culminating with two days of supervised practice riding around the school’s community.

  • Bike safety and accessibility
  • 8% growth to serve 1,319 youth
  • 5th year of program

Strengthening Park Safety
Parks and Open Space again partnered with Police to create a safer and more welcoming park experience for users. Park Ambassadors and bike patrol officers worked together along the riverfront park system on outreach, clean up and enforcement. In Washington-Jefferson Park patrols increased at peak times and after closing.

  • Return of Park Ambassador program
  • Two bike patrol officers
  • Provide community outreach and solicit input

Emergency Preparedness
Employees from across the City organization participated in the Cascadia Rising earthquake preparedness exercise along with representatives from many local, regional and statewide partner agencies. Emergency Management continued helping foster community preparedness through its Outreach Program, including Community Emergency Preparedness trainings.

  • Cascadia Rising exercise
  • Emergency Preparedness Outreach program
  • CERT trainings for community volunteers

Hotel Fire Safety Inspection
Eugene Springfield Fire ensured the safety of local hotels, conducting unexpected inspections of all 42 facilities within Eugene and Springfield. The inspections were well received, and fire code compliance and condition of all hotels was good.

  • Blitz inspection of 42 hotels
  • No hotels proposed life or safety risks

Ice Storm 2016
An ice storm in mid-December coated the city in a sheet of ice – snapping thousands of trees and limbs and leaving more than 20,000 people without power. The City activated its Emergency Operations Center to respond to community needs including the opening of a Red Cross Shelter. Public Works crews worked day and night to open roads and clear hazards.

  • Activated Red Cross Shelter
  • Provided crisis line to help Eugene residents
  • Opened roads and cleared tree hazards

Livability and Culture Close

Livability and Culture
20x21 EUG Mural Project
The 20x21 EUG Mural Project aims to create 20 new murals in Eugene by 2021, starting with three new murals this year in downtown Eugene. The murals will feature local and international artists, adding vibrancy to the urban landscape before the 2021 IAAF World Track & Field Championships.

  • Community-wide collaboration
  • 20 world class murals by 2021
  • Showcase Eugene on world stage

Envisioning the Future of Parks and Recreation
The Parks and Recreation System Plan is creating a vision and implementation plan for the future of parks and recreation in Eugene. Ongoing community engagement and analysis of the system are creating actionable strategies to improve.

  • 10,000+ community members engaged
  • Analysis of strengths and challenges
  • Draft plan to City Council this spring

City Facilities Preserved, Upgraded
In 2016, Facilities Management staff continued to work on maintaining the City’s public buildings and facilities, making safety and accessibility improvements, and improving energy efficiency.

  • Upgraded systems save maintenance costs
  • Increase comfort and access
  • Integrated pest management; use of beneficial insects in hanging baskets

City Supports Olympic Trials
When Eugene hosted the 2016 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials, every part of the organization had important roles to play. Eugene Springfield Fire, Eugene Police and Emergency Management assisted with emergency planning. Recreation and Cultural Services led the Starting Block and several youth involvement activities. Planning and Development staff supported sustainability efforts and safe facilities, all working together with University of Oregon staff and partners to create a safe and enjoyable event.

  • Emergency planning and response
  • Youth and community engagement
  • Sustainability initiatives