Mill District - Time-Limited Parking Proposal

A upcoming petition to install two hour parking limits for on-street parking will be circulated in the coming weeks and includes the following streets:
  • W. 3rd Ave north side, from Lincoln to Washington
  • Lincoln St west Side, North of railroad crossing to W. 3rd Ave
  • Lawrence St both sides, from W. 3rd Ave to W. 2nd Ave
To change parking regulations for on-street parking, a petition that includes the signatures of adjacent property owners and/or tenants, must be filed with the City of Eugene’s Parking services. Owners and/or tenants will be contacted by the petitioner and can indicate on the petition if they are for or against the proposed change.
Mill District map of proposed time-limited parking
Once the petition is complete and reviewed by the City of Eugene, an initial public comment period will be available for 15 days to collect input from community members on the proposed changes. Adjacent property owners and tenants will receive a notice of the public comment period.

After the comment period closes, the City’s Traffic Engineer will review the comments and level of support, make a determination, and notify nearby addresses of the decision. Following the decision, there is a 30 day appeal period. If no appeal is field within that time the decision stands. If an appeal is received, a Hearings Official will hold a hearing within 90 days and notify those who appealed the decision within 10 days of the projected hearing date.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the petition or how to participate contact: Travis Hargitt, Parking Operations Supervisor at