Project Priorities

Seeking community's input about the future of parks and recreation in Eugene

Preliminary Project Priorities Newly Released

Four principles, resulting from community input, continue to guide decision-making as draft priorities. The principles are:

  • Care for and make the most of what we have – Provide safe, clean and fun parks and recreation facilities, and enhance their value for the community to enjoy.
  • Serve the entire community – Provide equitable and welcoming access to parks and recreation facilities, regardless of neighborhood, culture, ability or income.
  • Create more connections – Build on Eugene’s strong foundation of connected open spaces and trail networks by completing and making new connections to nature at the regional, city and neighborhood levels.
  • Build better partnerships – Forge new relationships and reinvent old partnerships across all sectorscommunity health and social services, land use and transportation, education, arts and culture and economic development.

Draft prioritized project lists and maps have been developed for each planning area (Bethel; River Road/Santa Clara; Willakenzie; City Central; Southeast Eugene; Southwest Eugene; and city-wide). A prioritization criteria was applied to each project that took into account current facility conditions, the unique needs and community desires of each planning area, and triple bottom line considerations of social equity, environmental health and economic prosperity.

It is important to note that the amount of funding available for both operations and capital has not been determined and will be based on future City Council decisions. The amount of planned funding will affect the number of projects that can be accomplished within the given time frames.

These project lists will remain preliminary through the winter while we collect input from the community and work to refine the priorities. We encourage you to review the projects proposed for your neighborhood. What do you think? Do you agree? Have we missed something important to you? Send us an email and share your thoughts.