Summer 2018 Parking Garage Cleanings

This summer, the downtown parking garages will be powerwashed inside and out. The cleaning helps prolong the life of the structure, improves its appearance, and helps maintain the facility for better public use. In keeping with the City’s sustainability goals, the process will use high-pressure hot water and environmentally friendly solvents.

The cleaning will be staggered through the month and each garage will be closed temporarily. During the closure:
  • All vehicles must be removed prior to cleaning.
  • For their protection, any remaining vehicles will be cited and towed.
  • Expect intermittent sidewalk and alley closures.

Cleaning Schedule:

Library Garage: Closed for cleaning from 7 a.m. August 5th through 9 p.m. August 5th.
Hult Center Garage: Closed for cleaning from 8 p.m. August 5th through 9 p.m. August 10th.
Broadway South: Closed for cleaning from 8 p.m. August 11th through 9 p.m. August 16th.
Broadway North: Closed for cleaning from 8 p.m. August 17th through 9 p.m. August 22nd.

Alternate Parking Options:

When assigned garage is closed, the following alternative locations are available for parking:

Broadway South, Broadway North, and Pearl Street Garage: Display parking pass as usual.
Overpark and Parcade garages: Take an entry ticket and show that ticket as well as your parking pass to the attendant for free validation upon exit.



(To locate these facilities, view [PDF] for reference.)

Please contact Travis with any questions at